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“Interview” Magazine

Oct 7, 2013       Filed in Homeland ,Press       Comments: 0


On television, Morgan Saylor plays America’s moodiest teenager, a shade-throwing, eye-rolling, prep-school troublemaker who refuses to cut her mother a break. In real life, though, the 19-year-old actress who plays Dana Brody on Showtime’s Homeland, has such a copacetic relationship with her onscreen mom, Morena Baccarin, that the two share a house during the shooting season in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Morena taught me how to cook,” Saylor says. “She gives me lessons on life. The other day, we went to a nice restaurant, and she was like, ‘Morgan, use the small fork first.’ ” Saylor, who on Homeland serves as a raw-nerved moral compass amidst a landscape of terrorists, philanderers, and misbehaving spies, has done a lot of growing up over the course of the show’s three seasons: When she first signed on at 16, she would commute with her mother from Atlanta to North Carolina for filming and was tutored on set. Now she’s commuting from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, where she’s renting a brownstone. Saylor also has her first “sexy scenes” in the upcoming film Jamie Marks Is Dead, in which she plays a small-town teenager who gets tangled up in a local tragedy. “It was awkward,” Saylor admits. “The callback for the movie was a sexy scene, which was weird as hell—to go into a room with, like, eight men and read that scene with confidence.”

Saylor credits her Homeland castmates Baccarin and Claire Danes with helping her navigate the entertainment business as a young actress. One lesson that she’s learned so far is to try to ignore the haters. “I know there’s a lot of hate against Dana, which I think is pretty funny,” Saylor says of some of the percolating backlash against her character during the show’s second season. “People make fun of Dana because she’s being an annoying teenager. Well, she is an annoying teenager.” Still, Saylor didn’t shy away from the chance to play a less burdened character in Jamie Marks. “There’s some trauma in the movie, but also some not super-depressing stuff,” she says with a laugh. “So that was a nice change.”

Homeland’s Morgan Saylor on Dana’s Selfies, Sex, and Life Without Brody

Oct 7, 2013       Filed in Homeland ,Press       Comments: 0

[Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen last night’s episode.] In last night’s Homeland, Carrie was further betrayed by Saul and recommitted to a mental institution, which is pretty bad. Dana still has it worse. Think about it: Her ex exploded in the CIA bombing, and her dad was named as the man who plotted it. She attempted suicide. She’s having sex in laundry rooms with a kid she met in rehab. Vulture got ahold of Morgan Saylor, 18, while she was on a break from shooting the season’s tenth episode, to talk about “Uh… Oh… Ah…” (the title of last night’s episode, presumably referring to Dana’s big night), her furrowed eyebrows, and life without Damian Lewis. But first, there’s the issue of Dana’s new obsession with selfies.

What’s your stance on selfies?

They’re weird! I feel like people look ugly in them. I don’t know; it’s not something I’m really a fan of. I do use FaceTime because I’m frequently isolated from friends and my boyfriend, so I get that. Dana does it because Leo’s in rehab and they can’t communicate, but it’s a weird way to bridge the gap. Yeah, it’s just weird.

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Interview “The Daily Beast”

Oct 7, 2013       Filed in Homeland ,Press       Comments: 0


‘Homeland’ Star Morgan Saylor: TV’s Most Hated Character Talks Back

The Internet has been harsh on Dana Brody. But in Season 3, Morgan Saylor proves the haters wrong. As Episode 2 makes its debut, Saylor tells Andrew Romano why she likes to ‘provoke’ the audience.

Now that Breaking Bad’s Skyler White is gone—she’s probably still curled up in that dusty basement apartment, a cigarette in one hand and a glass of cab in the other—Morgan Saylor, who plays Sgt. Nicholas Brody’s angsty teenage daughter Dana on Homeland, has surpassed Anna Gunn as the television star who catches the most flak from the Internet.

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For Morgan Saylor, there’s no place like ‘Homeland’

Oct 7, 2013       Filed in Homeland ,Press       Comments: 0


Morgan Saylor is cheery when we get her on the phone, which, we have to admit, surprises us a little, given the fact that when we saw her character last week, she had (spoiler alert!) tried to kill herself.

“I’m not as depressed in real life,” says the 18-year-old, who plays Dana Brody on “Homeland.” As the daughter of is-he-or-isn’t-he alleged terrorist Nicholas Brody on the runaway Showtime hit, Saylor’s character has undergone a lot in the past two seasons: allegations against her father, an accidental hit-and-run, the death of her boyfriend and, as we saw last week, a stint in rehab for a suicide attempt. And according to Saylor, the drama’s only just begun.

Now in its third season, the show — which has won six Emmys and five Golden Globes in the two years it’s been on — is dealing with the aftermath of a deadly explosion that left many supporting characters dead in the Season 2 finale. Saylor says she was just as riveted by that episode as fans were.

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