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W Magazine: Meet the white girls behind the film “White Girl”

Aug 24, 2016       Filed in Photos ,Press ,White Girl       Comments: 0

(Source W Magazine)

The women responsible for one of the year’s most controversial films.

The controversy started straight away. In January, White Girl, Elizabeth Wood’s film based on a youthful summer of her own life, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Hours later, at 3:25 a.m., Variety critic Peter Debruge published the first scandalized review. He used phrases like “wall to wall depravity,” “cesspool of reprehensible behavior,” and “unbearably realistic horror show.”

When I met Wood in early August, the 33-year old writer-director was still hot under the collar about the review. Her film, which is in theaters September 2, tells the story of Leah (Morgan Saylor), a pretty, white college-age girl who moves into a sketchy Queens neighborhood and falls for the Puerto Rican drug dealer on the corner. The film is rife with drugs, nudity, graphic sex, and at one point rape. There is exposed male genitalia and cocaine being snorted off of it. White Girl is a challenging film. In so many words, Wood painted a portrait of the Variety critic as an aging square who stayed up late into the night in a state of sustained moral panic in order to pin the first scarlet ‘A’ on her debut feature.
“My opinion may have changed since then,” she said last week, before a screening of the film in New York City. An angelic-looking sprite with a delightfully foul mouth, she was sharing a plate of fried cauliflower with Saylor, whose Leah is a housebroken version of a younger Wood: petite, waist-length hair, a little quieter but still prone to adventurous decision-making.

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‘White Girl’ New York Premiere – Photos

Aug 23, 2016       Filed in Photos ,Public Events ,White Girl       Comments: 0

Hi! Morgan attended the “White Girl” New York Premiere at Angelika Film Center on August 22, 2016 in New York City. I have added 205 photos from this event to the gallery.

White Girl Clip – It’ll Be Fun

Aug 21, 2016       Filed in Videos ,White Girl       Comments: 0

New clip from the film White Girl :

Leah (Morgan Saylor) meets Blue’s (Brian Marc) grandma before taking a look at his stash of drugs.

‘White Girl’ New York Screening – Photos

Aug 12, 2016       Filed in News ,Photos ,White Girl       Comments: 0

Hi! Morgan attended the ‘White Girl’ NY Screening yesterday. 14 photos have been added to the gallery

WHITE GIRL Clip – Don’t Do Drugs

Aug 9, 2016       Filed in Videos ,White Girl       Comments: 0

Glamour: New Portrait with Annabelle Dexter-Jones

Aug 3, 2016       Filed in Press ,White Girl       Comments: 0

54 Amazing Women on What It Means to Be an American Woman in 2016

For Glamour’s September issue, we asked 54 incredible women across America—from actresses to activists—to define themselves. Each of the incredible women in this gallery has her own glorious, gutsy, utterly unique answer—read them all here.

“Morgan Saylor acts, writes, and enjoys riding her bike to the beach at Far Rockaway. Her hands get excited when she talks about math with her classmates at the University of Chicago.”

(Source Glamour US)

Interview for EL TIEMPO Televisión

Jul 25, 2016       Filed in White Girl       Comments: 0